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Throughout China, cylindrical briquettes, called "fēng wō méi" (beehive coal / ) or "Mei" (coal ) or "liàn tàn" (kneaded coal / ), are used in purpose-built cookers.. The origin of "Mei" is "Rentan" (kneaded coal ) of Japan. Rentan was invented in Japan in the 19th century, and spread to Manchukuo, Korea and China in the first half of the 20th century.

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09/07/2020 · This TOLP110EIGB/C black range cooker from Rangemaster has 4 cavities and a 5 zone induction hob, including 2 electric fan ovens with catalytic lining. giving you more time to entertain your guests instead of slaving away over the stove. 110.0 x (D)65.9. Dimensions With Packaging (H)102 x (W)120.5 x (D)73 cm. Range Cooker Style

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Welsh Anthracite Small Nuts is a natural smokeless fuel, ideal for use in cookers, boilers, and other closed appliances. Anthracite nuts pack together tightly to create an intense and long lasting fire bed which is popular with those looking for efficient heat.

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Multi-purpose hexagonal shaped ovoid made from solid fuel +30% renewable materials - produced by Coal Products Ltd - 25% less CO2 emissions than house coal. Ancit. High quality anthracite based ovoid produced by Coal Products Ltd - slow burning with high heat output - closed appliances, room heaters, multi-fuel stoves, cookers and AGA cookers.

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Phurnacite is our premium grade smokeless coal for customers using cookers, room heaters, and stoves, where outright heating performance is all that matters. The hard, clean-burning Phurnacite briquette packs together into a tight firebed that provides long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat.

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should be capable of making 1,100 tons of fine copper per annum from a good mixture of ores yielding, say on an average, 10 per cent. Such works would contain about 18 furnaces (say six calciners and twelve others) with all the necessary accompaniments, and may be estimated at a cost of £9,500, or £10,000. The calciners may be estimated at £240,