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A railway electrification system supplies electric power to railway trains and trams without an on-board prime mover or local fuel supply. Electric railways use either electric locomotives (hauling passengers or freight in separate cars), electric multiple units (passenger cars with their own motors) or both. Electricity is typically generated in large and relatively efficient generating

Chapter 9: Asset Valuation (Equipment)

Is Equipment Breakdown The Same As Boiler And Machinery

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Steam boilers are used to produce steam for process heating, space heating and water heating. They consist of a burner, a pressure vessel containing a heat exchanger, and associated burner control

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Annual health and safety statistics 2019/20 HSE has released its annual statistics on work-related health and safety in Great Britain.; The UK has left the EU, new rules apply Rules have changed for some industries. Find out if you are affected.

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A modular boiler is defined as an assembly of two or more similar (but not necessarily identical) modules, each with their own heat exchanger, burner, and control and safety devices. The assembly

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Asset Valuation (Equipment) 198 nesses, the importance and definition of value to each of these disciplines is dif-ferent. Real estate values rarely have to explain installation costs, since land is stationary. Personal property is typically valued based upon continued use and rarely uses the cost approach like with machinery and equipment

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Worst accidents. The worst accident was the Quintinshill rail disaster in 1915 with 226 dead and 246 injured. Second worst was the 1952 Harrow and Wealdstone rail crash which killed 112 people and injured 340. The death toll from the 1957 Lewisham rail crash was 90; for the 1889 Armagh rail disaster it was 80; and for the 1879 Tay Bridge disaster it was 75.

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London Underground rolling stock includes the electric multiple units that run on the London Underground.The trains come in two sizes, smaller deep-tube trains and larger sub-surface trains that are of a similar size to those on British main lines. New trains are designed for the maximum number of standing passengers and for speed of access to the cars.

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The Great North of Scotland Railway (GNSR) was one of the two smallest of the five major Scottish railway companies prior to the 1923 Grouping, operating in the north-east of the country.Formed in 1845, it carried its first passengers the 39 miles (63 km) from Kittybrewster, in Aberdeen, to Huntly on 20 September 1854. By 1867 it owned 226 1 ⁄ 4 route miles (364.1 km) of line and operated