A guide to small-scale wood fuel (biomass) heating systems

Biomass heating systems, unlike other renewable energy sources, do emit carbon dioxide. However, it is the carbon dioxide (CO 2) taken from the atmosphere by trees for photosynthesis that is released during burning. This closed CO 2 cycle means that biomass heating is considered a renewable energy source.

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A noncontact temperature sensor measures the area around a heat source, such as a room thermostat. There are lots of types of temperature sensors that work in different ways, but every type will fall within these two categories. Some examples of temperature sensors include thermocouples, thermistors and infrared sensors.

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A temperature transmitters converts the thermocouple or RTD signal to a 4-20 mA output signal and is the ideal solution for many remote temperature measurement applications. 4-20ma transmitters have definite advantages over conventional temperature measuring devices, but must be selected with caution in order to avoid ground loop problems. Why use temperature transmitters?

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When set up correctly, a programmable room thermostat prevents the system from having to heat the house from a 'cold start'. The control always maintains a temperature within the property and this ensures that the boiler is only ever 'topping up' the temperature in the home. As a guideline, target temperatures should be set at 21 C for comfort temperature and 15 C for economy temperature.

Biomass to ElectricityBiomass to Electricity

A guide to small-scale wood fuel (biomass) heating systems

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08/02/2021 · Biomass boilers burn natural materials such as wood pellets, chips or logs to provide heating and power hot water boilers. In short, biomass is any organic material that can be used as fuel and in the UK and European domestic markets wood pellet boilers


Boiler Temperature Sensors | ATC Semitec