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Bosch air conditioning units Our Bosch air conditioning unit delivers both heating and cooling for your home, small business or office providing comfort throughout the year. With an energy efficiency rating of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating, our air conditioner units help you and the enviroment with reduced operating cost and low emissions.

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For quick, easy, but effective air conditioning, a portable air con unit will provide an effective way to cool down a specific room. Providing between 12,000 - 14,000 BTU, more than enough to cool down a large room. Portable air conditioning units are perfect for quick solutions, but require venting hoses to be fed through a window or door.

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boilers (800-1,200kW) 18 GE range high efficiency cast iron boilers (455-1,200kW) 20 Combined heat and power (CHP) modules 22 Uni 3000 F hot water boilers (420-1,850kW) 24 UNIMAT hot water boilers (650-38,000kW) 26 UNIVERSAL steam boilers (175-55,000kg/hr) 28 Heat recovery steam boiler (HRSB) 30 GHP AWO 38 Gas absorption heat pump

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19/11/2015 · Home » Air Conditioning. Air Conditioning . Air conditioning has developed as a highly efficient means of either cooling or heating an environment and with the use of inverter technology there is the ability to make large savings on energy bills; regardless of needs, there is almost certainly an air conditioning system thats right for you.