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all replacement gas or oil boilers must be a condensing type. The introduction of condensing boilers has been fundamental in reducing the UKs carbon emissions. In 2010 and again in 2018 the UK experienced prolonged spells of sub-zero temperatures down to minus 20 centigrade and below in many areas. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of calls to boiler manufacturers and

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The most popular swimming pool heating solution going, Gas Boilers are a worthwhile investment: whilst they might be more initially expensive than electric heaters, natural gas boilers are actually much more economic to run, providing a reliable, speedy and energy efficient warm up at any given time.

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Where an installer is fitting a new or replacement boiler, the condensate discharge pipe should be connected to an internal gravity discharge point such as an internal soil stack (preferred method), internal kitchen or bathroom waste pipe such as sink, basin, bath or shower waste.

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What Size Pool Boiler Do I Need for My Swimming Pool

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What Size Pool Boiler Do I Need for My Swimming Pool