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4. Biomass Preparation

This amount of biomass storage requires an area between 12,500 and 93,750 square feet (for the 100 tons/day and 680 tons/day systems, respectively), assuming the wood has an average density of 40 lb/cubic foot and an average storage height of 12 feet.

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Using a hopper will reduce the cost of your pellets. (Wood pellets price per ton is typically around £250-£280/ton bagged as opposed to around £210/ton for bulk deliveries) Pellets are blown in from a tanker (up to 30m away) so no carrying bags. You wont have to worry about loading the boiler yourself as this will be taken care of

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A guide to small-scale wood fuel (biomass) heating systems

Page 4 Figure 2 -The carbon neutral wood heating cycle However, biomass heating systems in reality create small net emissions of CO 2 to the atmosphere through operations including harvesting, transport, processing and the construction and commissioning of the boiler. Wood fuel emits 25