Methanol Prices Skyrocket by 180% Over Last Year

Methanol Prices Skyrocket by 180% Over Last Year

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• The incremental ton of methanol will continue to be produced from coal in China (mostly 3rd and 4th quartile on the cost curve) • The coal price will continue to be a major factor in determining the floor price of methanol in China • The low cost of US natural gas will keep US methanol producers competitive (2nd quartile on the cost curve)

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01/04/2021 · Methanex posts regional contract methanol prices for North America, Europe and Asia. Current Posted Prices. Europe (Valid April 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021) Methanex European Posted Contract Price Posted March 23, 2021. Euro 410/MT . North America

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MI member Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA) has provided its most recent historic methanol market assessment of key global pricing and supply/demand figures. MMSA is a Singapore-based consulting firm that services the global methanol industry. MMSA provides weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual market advisory services covering all major global methanol and derivative markets.

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Methanol Prices Skyrocket by 180% Over Last Year

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Methanol Prices CH3OH grade A (minimum 99.85 wt% methanol, maximum 0.15 wt% water) and grade AA (minimum 99.85 wt% methanol, maximum 0.10 wt% water, maximum 0.001 wt% ethanol, maximum 0.002 wt% acetone). Methanol is most used as a solvent, and raw material in the synthesis of chemicals like methyl esters of organic acids, methylamines, and others.

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Methanex contract reference prices have seen similar increases, and are currently at $500 per metric ton ($1.50 per gallon). These domestic price increases are broadly in line with global methanol price trends.

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01/10/2017 · The average methanol market value in Europe between 2014 and 2015 was about 400 €/ton, but as the methanol market is going to expand its market value may become higher as reported in,.