Alternative production of methanol from industrial CO2

01/02/2020 · The total costs of production (i.e. 808 € per ton methanol) are 1.5 times the expected revenue from methanol, oxygen and carbon credits selling (i.e. 556 € per ton methanol). However, to be completely rigorous regarding the financial analysis of the CO 2 capture and conversion process, the CAPEX related to the electrolysers of the hydrogen production has to be considered.

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Methanol technology developments for the new millennium

01/04/1995 · The basis of the analysis is a world-scale conventional methanol plant that converts 3.2 Mm 3 per day (120 MMSCFD) of natural gas into 3510 metric tonnes (3869 short tons) per day of methanol. Capital and operating costs are for an arbitrary remote location where natural gas is available at US $0.47 per GJ (US $0.50 per MMBtu).

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The production cost of hydrogen from natural gas is influenced by a range of technical and economic factors, with gas prices and capital expenditures being the two most important. Fuel costs are the largest cost component, accounting for between 45% and 75% of production costs.

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The typical energy consumption of a conventional methanol plant is about (28 - 32 GJ/t methanol). The fixed cost required for a conventional methanol plant with a capacity of 2500 tpd is about 300 MUSD, which is equivalent to fixed charges of more than 30 USD/ton methanol. Figure (2) shows a schematic presentation of conventional methanol technology

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----- list of exhibits (continued) exhibit page 6-1 world natural gas production, 1983 and reserves as of january 1985 69 6-2 potential annual methanol supply, selected countries 71 6-3 capital costs and other components of fixed costs for new (227.5 million gallon) methanol plants by country 74 6-4 summary of average variable costs of methanol production from new plants, by country 76 6-5

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Economic Assessment of Methanol Production - ScienceDirect

Economic Assessment of Methanol Production - ScienceDirect

01/01/2018 · For example, it is understood that production of ethanol from corn yields 7.2 dry tons/ha/year, or 76 GJ/ha/year, whereas the production of methanol from wood yields 15 dry tons/ha/year or the equivalent of 177 GJ/ha/year. In other words, through gasification, one ton of woody biomass can produce 165 gallons of methanol while the hoped-for yields for cellulosic ethanol are targeted at

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Economic Assessment of Methanol Production - ScienceDirect

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Economic Assessment of Methanol Production - ScienceDirect