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Paper* Ton Steam/Ton Paper 1.5 1.9 3 Smoke Tube Boilers Steam: Fuel Ratio 15 12.5 10 Beverage KL Beverage / KL Fuel (FO) 189 107 76 Coil Type Boilers Steam: Fuel Ratio 10 7.5 6 SEP Rice Bran Husk Ton / Ton Seed Crushed 100 115 124 SEP Soya Coal Ton / Ton Seed Crushed 47 70 93 Textile Firewood Kg/ Kg 1.57 2.75 5.12 Tyre FO Kg/Ton Finished Tyre 162 210 353 Brewery FO Lit/KL Beer

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Types of Marine Boilers and Difference Between Water Tube and Smok

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With this improved design (and also much better controls, for example on air inlets), modern batch log boilers or pellet-fired appliances can produce hot water at 90% combustion efficiency. With traditional back boilers the ratio of water to space heating may not be suitable for a

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12/03/2013 · 2) Efficiency compared of the smoke tube boilers is much higher and those can be used to generate the high pressure steam. 3) Efficiency of combustion in this type of boiler is always good. 4) Thermal stresses are less as the water circulation is very good inside the tubes.

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20/04/2018 · 8 Ton Gas Steam Boiler Gas Consumption Liming 13:17:46. The 8 tons gas and steam boiler can be selected as follows: WNS gas fired boiler and SZS gas fired boiler. Gas consumption of gas fired boiler is directly related to operation cost, and how much it costs is absolutely important for customers to pay attention to.

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23/12/2020 · Generally speaking, assuming that the gas boiler is running at full load, the gas consumption of the natural gas steam boiler with heat value of 35588KJ per ton of steam is 80 standard square gas/hour, so the gas consumption of the 6T natural gas steam boiler per hour is 480 standard squares.

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1.3 How much biomass? The annual demand for biomass fuel for a particular site depends on the following: • Scale of the installation • Conversion option (heat only, combined heat & power [CHP], boiler or stove) • Operating hours • Boiler efficiency • The energy content (net calorific value or energy density) of the fuel (Mj/tonne or