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Create an outdoor space you look forward to using. A garden that works for you; all year round, rain or shine. Our range is designed to make the most out of all outdoor spaces, from large family gardens to compact balconies. Whatever your space, it deserves to be celebrated. Our wide range of

The Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland

The Scottish Ministers make the following Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by section 2 of, and Schedule 1 to, the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 F1 (the 1999 Act ) and section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972 F2, and all other powers enabling them to do so.. In accordance with section 2(4) of the 1999 Act, they have consulted with the Scottish

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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas (predominantly methane, CH 4, with some mixture of ethane, C 2 H 6) that has been cooled down to liquid form for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or transport.It takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state (at standard conditions for temperature and pressure).. LNG is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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Elite Series, Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace, 95% AFUE, 66,000 Btuh, Power Saver Constant Torque, 1 Stage, 1.5-3 Ton, EL195UH070XE36B Cat # : 79W77 Model/Part # EL195UH070XE36B Updating Price

Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

04/04/2014 · Fuel Gas 0.001388 59.00 3.0 0.60 0.08189 0.004164 0.000833 scf: 2013 Revisions to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule (PDF) to 40 CFR part 98, subpart C: Table C1 to Subpart CDefault CO2 Emission Factors and High Heat Values for Various Types of Fuel and Table C2 to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 4.46 gallon Liquefied Petroleum

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The Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides several free tools (registration required) to help users identify emissions from a variety of activities, including stationary combustion, purchased electricity, mobile source use. Drummed Halogen Liquid Organics Per-ton price Cost basis avg price subtotal tons ETC Incineration Price Categories

The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004

These Regulations which are made under sections 1, 3(3), 8(8), 54, 56 of, and Schedule 1 to, the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 prescribe functional standards for buildings. These are to be found in Schedule 5 of these Regulations and cover a wide subject area. They are part of the reform of the building standards system as set out in the Building (Scotland) Act 2003.

Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

0.001388 59.00 3.0 0.60 0.08189 0.004164 0.000833 Propane Gas: 0.002516 61.46 3.0 Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories Typically, greenhouse gas emissions are reported in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO Emission factors are per unit of heat content using higher heating values (HHV). If heat content is available from

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New global partnerships will advance clean energy technologies, help the U.S. achieve the Administrations net-zero emissions goal, and create jobs and opportunities for all Americans.

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Annual health and safety statistics 2019/20 HSE has released its annual statistics on work-related health and safety in Great Britain.; The UK has left the EU, new rules apply Rules have changed for some industries. Find out if you are affected.