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For an outdoor swimming pool, use the following tables to help estimate your annual heat pump pool heater costs and savings compared to using an electric resistance or a gas pool heater. Table 1 estimates annual swimming heat pump pool heating costs by location, by water temperature, and with or without using a pool cover. Table 1.

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Oil 70p per litre = 6.6 p per kw/hr heater efficiency 75% cost per kw output 8.8p Heat pump - 15p per kw/hr heater efficiency 400% cost per kw output 3.75p Conclusions. For small pools up to about 15ft round the lower purchase cost of an electric heater makes it a good buy. But if your pool is any bigger then the electric option is less

Gas Swimming Pool Heaters | Department of Energy

Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters | Department of Energy

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01/08/2009 · The boiler pretty much idles during the summer just to heat my domestic hot water. Propane would be almost 4 times the cost of coal and fuel oil is almost 3 times as expensive. Wood is to much work and Natural Gas isn't avalible although there are a ton of NG wells going up all around me.

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Gas Swimming Pool Heaters | Department of Energy


Notes: Life cycle analysis data from: Carbon and energy balances for a range of biofuels options Elsayed, MA, Matthews, R, Mortimer, ND. Study for DTI URN 03/836, Greenhouse gas reporting - Conversion factors 2016, and: Comparison of energy systems using life cycle assessment A special report for the World Energy Council July 2000 Greenhouse gas reporting: Conversion Factors 2019 From the gov

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A pool heater's manufacturer can also provide its efficiency percentage. Today, you'll find some gas pool heaters with 89%95% efficiency. The following table shows how much you can save for every $1,000 in annual pool heating costs by installing a gas pool heater that's 95% efficient. Table 1. Annual Savings by Gas Pool Heater Efficiency*

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Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters | Department of Energy

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06/05/2021 · All in all, that means heat pumps have slightly higher running costs than a new condensing gas boiler would if 60°C is required. Calculating the Running Costs by Taking SCOP into Account Due to the weather scenario, the heat pump will need 3,928kWh of electricity for space heating at a cost of £510 and another £460 to produce domestic hot water, thus ending up with a total of £970 per year.