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Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

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For example, this means that space heating by natural gas is always more carbon-efficient than heating by electricity. For the operation of plant equipment, the efficiency of the motors converting mains electrical energy to mechanical energy needs to be substantially greater than the diesel-driven equivalent for the carbon emission to be less.

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Greenhouse facilities reduce operating costs by implementing a Cat CHP system using clean pipeline natural gas as a fuel source. Cat gas generators for commercial greenhouses can provide electricity for electrical loads, heat energy for warming of the greenhouse, and recycled carbon dioxide from the engine exhaust as an organic fertilizer. Benefits from greenhouse CHP projects include

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01/10/2006 · The purpose of this case study is to select the operating conditions of an existing crude oil distillation unit to minimize the CO 2 emissions (atmospheric pollution). The existing column configuration, shown in Fig. 2, uses three side-strippers (SSs) and three PAs.Steam at 4.5 bar and 260 °C is used for stripping at the bottom of the main column and in the bottom SS, while reboiling is

Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

04/04/2014 · Vegetable Oil 0.120 81.55 1.1 0.11 9.79 0.13 0.01 gallon mmBtu per gallon kg CO

Progress of the applications of bio-oil - ScienceDirect

transportation, electricity generation, and home heating applications, use will exceed six billion gallons by 2030, eliminating over 35 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions annually. With advancements in feedstock, use will reach 15 billion gallons by 2050.

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