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Methanol Prices Skyrocket by 180% Over Last Year

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MI member Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA) has provided its most recent historic methanol market assessment of key global pricing and supply/demand figures. MMSA is a Singapore-based consulting firm that services the global methanol industry. MMSA provides weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual market advisory services covering all major global methanol and derivative markets.

Methanol Prices Skyrocket by 180% Over Last Year

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Methanol Prices CH3OH grade A (minimum 99.85 wt% methanol, maximum 0.15 wt% water) and grade AA (minimum 99.85 wt% methanol, maximum 0.10 wt% water, maximum 0.001 wt% ethanol, maximum 0.002 wt% acetone). Methanol is most used as a solvent, and raw material in the synthesis of chemicals like methyl esters of organic acids, methylamines, and others.

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01/04/2021 · Methanex posts regional contract methanol prices for North America, Europe and Asia. Current Posted Prices. Europe (Valid April 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021) Methanex European Posted Contract Price Posted March 23, 2021. Euro 410/MT . North America

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18/06/2020 · Whether it is a factory or a farm, such as a chicken farm or a pig farm, boiler equipment is used to heat animals in winter. In industrial production, steam is used as a heat source in the chemical, food, building materials, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing and other industries, which also requires the use of steam boilers.