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A Oring, washer and gasket are used in appliances to prevent leaks of fluids from connections by creating a seal. Generally, a specific Oring, washer or gasket must be used with a certain connection within the boiler and are very rarely interchangeable as the size and thickness of the Oring, washer or gasket is set to match the connection.

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23/02/2010 · How to Apply Boiler Sealer Properly Step 1: Precautions Liquid or powder sealant is harmful to breathe in. Try to work in a well ventilated area. If this Step 2: Applying the Sealant to a New System The boiler sealants are available as a premixed solution, or a powder that Step 3: Applying to

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22/12/2013 · Yes the boiler should be made safe as it is no longer a room sealed appliance. Air intake is obviously not intact, Flue exhaust potentially the same. Assuming the boiler is fixed well to the wall and that the flue terminal positions allow outside, as footprints said get an RGI to reposition the flue, lot less work required. JBPHS, 21 Dec 2013

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