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A fossil fuel power station is a thermal power station which burns a fossil fuel, such as coal or natural gas, to produce electricity.Fossil fuel power stations have machinery to convert the heat energy of combustion into mechanical energy, which then operates an electrical generator.The prime mover may be a steam turbine, a gas turbine or, in small plants, a reciprocating gas engine.

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For a typical coal-fired power station, flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) may remove 90 percent or more of the SO 2 in the flue gases. History. Methods of removing sulfur dioxide from boiler and furnace exhaust gases have been studied for over 150 years. Early ideas for flue gas desulfurization were established in England around 1850.

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27/01/2009 · This is the largest and most important pressure part in the boiler and weighs in the range 250 Tons for 600 MW power plant. Water Walls. Reheater coils in the flue gas path does the reheating of the returned steam. The reheat steam is at a much lower pressure than the super heated steam but the final reheater temperature is the same as the

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The four 2,722-tonne-capacity (3,000-ton) boiler bunkers will hold enough coal for overnight operation without drawing from the coal store. The normal maximum consumption of each boiler is approximately 181.4 t/h (200 tons per hour). Gas turbine. Four 17.5 MW gas turbine driven alternators were installed at the station.

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Didcot power station is an active natural gas power plant that supplies the National Grid. A combined coal and oil power plant, Didcot A, was the first station on the site which opened in 1970 and was demolished between 2014 and 2020. The power station is situated in Sutton Courtenay, near Didcot in Oxfordshire, England. Additionally Didcot OCGT is a gas-oil power plant, originally part of Didcot A and