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Series 1450F, T-1450F, S-1450F and T145B Installation 1. The Watts Feed Water Pressure Regulator must be installed on the cold water supply line to the boiler. It must be installed in a horizontal position. Allow sufficient clearance to operate the fast fill and purge lever. 2. Install a shutoff valve

Step-by-step guide to boiler installation - British Gas

Having a new boiler installed is a big, often expensive, decision and there are lots of considerations. Our step-by-step guide to boiler installation should make things a little clearer for you, so that you can feel confident in what to expect when you take the plunge.

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Installation Blowdown Procedure 09/16 - 1 - Pub. No. 410-E discharge to a public sewer system. The National Board Standard is a maximum of 140 degrees F. 2. All piping, fittings and valves must be rated in The isolation valve(s) to the boilers should be shut. Open the

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Additionally, it should be noted that if a check valve is installed at the outlet of a trap operating under an extremely large operating differential pressure, the check valve itself becomes a point of resistance (i.e., the check valve has a pressure drop as well), which means that it

Pressure Reducing Valves (automatic water feeder valves

Step-by-step guide to boiler installation - British Gas

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Place spring, spring cap and body cover on top. Align body cover holes with those in the body and fas- ten body cover screws. Reinstall the strainer nut with O-ring into the reducing valve and tighten to a torque of 10 in-lbs. Min. 100 in- lbs. Max. Replace the strainer nut with O-ring if it is damaged.

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Pressure Reducing Valves (automatic water feeder valves

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The Bell & Gossett Pressure Reducing Valve is designed for filling hot water boilers and associated piping systems to a properly controlled pressure after boiler installation or system servicing. It is not a safety device and is not intended to be used as a water feed valve to control boiler water at a