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06/12/2020 · Boilers cannot burn of the gas they use so the remaining combustion gases (made up of water vapour, carbon dioxide, particulates, heavy metals and acidic gases) need to be removed via the flue. The position of the flue is important as the combustion gases must not re-enter a property via a close-by window or cause a nuisance by discharging into your neighbours walkway for example.

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Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems (FGHRS) take advantage of heat within waste flue gases resulting from the combustion of gas in your boiler. This recovered heat is used to preheat the cold water entering the boiler, thereby lowering the amount of energy

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This means the boiler does not need to work as hard to provide you with hot water. Flue gas heat recovery systems significantly improve the performance of condensing boilers, with many achieving efficiencies of 90% and above. This means they use less gas (or oil), saving you money on your bills. What if you dont have a condensing boiler? Standard boilers do not have a built-in heat recovery

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What is a Boiler Flue and How Do They Work? | Ideal Heating

Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems - TheGreenAge

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28/08/2020 · hot water tank insulation heating controls (such as, appliance thermostats, smart heating controls, zone controls, intelligent delayed start thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves)

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19/10/2020 · To give an example, the average household produced 2745 kg of carbon dioxide from heating in 2017. The Energy Saving Trust says that each household will need to cut heating emissions by 95% if we want to reach the 2050 Net Zero targets. The good news is that green alternatives like heat pumps are available now. And we offer a full range of gas alternatives to help you on your journey.