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19/09/2016 · The simple answer is yes, it is perfectly acceptable to use softened water in your boiler as long as you observe the following advice from the Heating and Hot Water Council (HHIC): Where a water softener is present in the dwelling, ensure that the heating system primary circuit is filled with mains water via the general bypass valve as required in BS 14743.

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History of feedwater treatment. During the early development of boilers, water treatment was not so much of an issue, as temperatures and pressures were so low that high amounts of scale and rust would not form to such a significant extent, especially if the boiler was blown down. It was general practice to install zinc plates and/or alkaline chemicals to reduce corrosion within the boiler.

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02/01/2020 · Condensate neutralizers look like tubes or boxes that are filled with gravel-like particles. These particles, which include basic compounds like calcium carbonate, CO2, and salt, filter and neutralize waste water as it moves through the drainage pipe.