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The ideal placement of a boiler flue depends on a number of factors. According to the boiler flue regulations, regard should be given to the following issues when determining the appropriate placement: Distance from windows and doors A boiler flue should not be placed close to any part of your home that can open, such as windows or doors.

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This allows the boiler operator to easily see the valve position, even from floor level. The valve shown is fitted with an indicator that makes this even easier for the operator. On multi-boiler applications an additional isolating valve should be fitted, in series with the crown valve.

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Boiler safety | Best practices for installing safety Apr 26 2010 · Mount the safety valve vertically with the valves spindle in the vertical position above the pipe centerline (Figures 2 and 3). A safety valve not mounted in the vertical position can influence the set pressure of the valve.

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12/10/2019 · The best location for your new oil boiler will be determined by many factors. How much space you have to give, existing pipework and electrical points and the position of the flue. If you are replacing your old boiler with a new condensing oil boiler, then a few things will definitely have to change: Open flue to balanced flue

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There isnt any definite place that your boiler should be positioned in; every house is different. There are, however, a set of building regulations and gas regulations that your suitably qualified heating engineer must adhere to when installing your boiler, and these will determine where your appliance can be located.

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Boiler Mountings And Their Function - Complete List

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05/08/2018 · Boiler Mountings 1 ) Safety Valves. Safety valves are fitted on every boiler to avoid over pressurizing. Normally three safety valves are 2 ) Steam Stop valve. A steam stop valve is connected to the boiler to stop and regulate steam flow from boiler to the 3 ) Vent Valve. Vent valve is