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Feeding system Feeds the fuel to the boiler by means of the rotary feeder and the stoker auger. HDG Control Electronic control unit of the boiler, feeding system and delivery system. HDG M299/300/350/400 Boiler for burning wood chips, shavings and wood pellets Heating system Comprised of boiler and corresponding accessories.

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The boiler system may only be installed in a room that meets the local regulations for the installation of boiler systems. The installation room must be kept clean and free of dust and dripping water (if the air is filtered, filter class E11 of


The device and principle of operation of pyrolysis boiler ↑ Gas heat unit has a rather complicated structure, the device pyrolysis boiler includes a variety of components and parts, the main feature of pirakata from traditional solid-fuel apparatus furnace, consisting of two chambers.

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01/05/2013 · The specific heat of petroleum oils can be modelled as follows : (23) c p = 1 d [1.6831 + 3.3913 × 10 − 3 T ar] where d = relative density at 15 °C; c p = specific heat, kJ/kg K, T a = ambient boiler room temperature; d = relative density = 0.95 for LPFO and 0.86 for diesel at 15 °C .

Chimney for gas boiler: installation and requirements

Regulatory conditions include the organization in the boiler room of a private house natural and electric lighting. The calculation of the natural flow of light Bouncing off the volume of the room. 1 m Three areas must be 0.03 m Two the glazed area. That is, when the minimum volume of a boiler room of 15 m Three, the square window opening is 0.45 m Two.

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Should the boiler not have an oxygen-content analyser, a high level in the boiler chlorides may indicate the vent valve not being far enough open. Some designs may include a vent condenser to trap and recover any water entrained in the vented gas.