20/01/2016 · The calculation tells us that the air emissions from any piece of equipment is equal to the activity rate (A) multiplied by the emission factor (EF), multiplied by one minus the control efficiency. If we have all of those components, we can calculate our emission rate for a single piece of equipment. [01:40] Calculated Emissions (E)

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emissions. Domestic gas is predicted to replace transport as the largest source of NOX by 2025. The LAEI currently uses average emission factors for domestic gas taken from published data on pollutant emission rates provided by the manufacturers for models and types of boilers. This

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The emissions from external combustion equipment are calculated as follows in the Boilers and heaters emissions calculator: Annual emissions (kg/year) = fuel oil usage (m 3 /year) x EF (lb/10 3 x 264.172 ( 3) x 0.454 (kg/lb) The Boilers and heaters emissions calculator allows you to select the type of fuel oil (distillate and residual fuel oil grades) and the type of boiler or heater (industrial,

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If emission reporting is required, go to the Natural Gas Consumption Tab (green) and proceed with Option 1: Default Calculation Method or Option 2: Customized Calculation Method. b. In Default Cal. Tab (blue), the user can modify the % increase for Annual Worst-Case Scenario. The default %

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Land Pollution & Waste Disposal; Water Quality; Topics. Air Quality. Planning & Reporting. Annual Emission Reports. Calculate Emissions; Boiler - Natural Gas Fired Production Information Heat input PART PM10; PM2.5 SO2 VOM; Calculate Emissions. Asphalt Plant; Boiler - Butane Fired; Boiler - Natural Gas Fired Currently selected; Boiler

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Boiler/furnace PTE calculator (BTU/hour) Boiler/furnace PTE calculator (horsepower) Engine PTE. Tool to assist businesses in calculating the potential to emit air pollutants from an engine running on natural gas, gasoline, or diesel fuel. New engine PTE calculator (allows you to add emissions from multiple engine types together) Engine PTE calculator