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Plan and carry out regular maintenance, to ensure that your furnace and boiler meet air emission standards and operate efficiently. Use cleaner fuels, such as gas, to limit the environmental impact of your furnace and boiler. In this guideline. Causes and effects of air pollution. Business benefits of improving air quality

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03/02/2018 · Flue position Depending on the size of the boiler, the flue must be positioned a certain distance from the nearest window, door, or air brick. Typically this is around 30-60cm if its to the side or above the opening, and a bit more if its below.

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Northumberland County Council - Pollution control

Combustion and Incineration boiler, furnaces and gas turbine producing 20-50Mw thermal output, crematoria, incineration of waste, animal carcass incineration etc. Minerals quarrying / surface coal mines, roadstone coating, storage of bulk cement, mobile crushing and screening, heavy clay and refractory products, manufacture of timber and wood products etc.

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Lift and carry items close to the body. before installing any boiler. The LABC will then arrange regular inspection visits during the work to ensure that the installation complies with the regulations. The Control of Pollution (Oil) Regulations. OFTEC Standards.

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