Control Algorithm Design for Large Boiler Dosing System

This article uses the mathematics method to study in view of boiler zero pollution discharge automatic dosing control and other aspects during the dosing control system model parameter is a variable instead of a constant. If the solution density changes, the object characteristic also along with the change, When the system load will change, can cause for the discharge of water changes

Intelligent Mining Technology for an Underground Metal

01/06/2018 · We analyze and summarize the research status of underground metal mining technology at home and abroad, including some specific examples of equipment, technology, and applications. the control layer collects current information on the tunnel and basic information about the vehicle in real time; this information can be used to determine the

Near-Zero Air Pollutant Emission Technologies and

01/12/2020 · The PM emission control technology of coal-fired power plants has been developed for the past 50 years, since the 1960s, and can be roughly divided into five stages: ① Before 1990, Chinas coal-fired power plants mainly removed PM using a cyclone and water precipitator, and so forth. ② By around 1990, electrostatic precipitation technology with a PM removal efficiency of 94.2% had been

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Design and implementation of furnace temperature

parameter for boiler flame monitoring and control, which directly affects the combustion efficiency and the safety of boilers. Based on the research status at home and abroad and the previous

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The Research on the Current Safety Status of High-rise

01/01/2016 · The Current Fire Safety Status of Domestic Building 4.1. An Improvement of Fire Safety Standards and Strict Quality Review In the introduction of high-rise building technology, China should change its value orientation, to abandon the relatively backward architectural theory and the "doctrine", to digest and absorb new knowledge, create our own things.

The design and implementation of electromagnetic vibration

01/10/2017 · The 15th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling Assessing the feasibility of using the heat demand-outdoor temperature function for a long-term district heat demand forecast I. Andrića,b,c*, A. Pinaa, P. Ferrãoa, J. Fournierb., B. Lacarrièrec, O. Le Correc aIN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research - Instituto Superior Técnico, Av. Rovisco Pais 1

Effect of biogas utilization and plant co-location on life

3TPH 8 Bar Smoke Tube Biogas Boiler Liming 17:03:53. Based on more than 70 years of practical experience with boiler manufacturing, ZBG can offer types of boilers to utilise the produced biogas in single and multiple fuel arrangements. ZBG has supplied and commissioned biogas utilisation systems in steam boilers, hot water boiler and power plant boiler, and we also supply boilers that burn