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OECD 216/217: Nitrogen and Carbon Transformation Test

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Although nitrogen (N) transformations have been widely studied under oxic or anoxic condition, few studies have been carried out to analyze the transformation accompanied with NO 2--N accumulation.Particularly, the control of mixed N species in N-transformation remains unclear in an oxic-anoxic transition zone (OATZ), a unique and ubiquitous redox environment.

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OECD 216/217: Nitrogen and Carbon Transformation Test

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This study focused on the transformation regularity of nitrogen in aqueous product which was derived from hydrothermal liquefaction of sewage sludge under different operating conditions. Results showed, within the studied temperature scope and time span, the concentration of total nitrogen (TN) fluctuated in the range of 2867.62 mg x L(-1) to 4171.30 mg x L(-1).

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The fuel-N transformation takes place in two stages: first, the fuel-N in pulverized semi-coke is partly converted to N2 and NH3 in a circulating fluidized bed; second, the fuel-N in preheated semi-coke and NH3 is converted to NOx or N2 in a down-fire combustor.

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01/12/2015 · Many researchers have discussed the mechanism of fuel nitrogen transformation and NO formation in fluidized bed boiler (Winter et al., 1999, Abelha et al., 2008, Vainio et al., 2012) and air staging has been proved to be an effective measure to control NO emission (Leckner et al., 2004, Qian et al., 2011, Johnsson, 1994, Harding et al., 1982). Hence an optimum arrangement of air supply is a