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Although coal may not be the fuel of choice anymore, it is still one of the largest sources of energy for generating heat, and the vast boiler units allow it to reach high levels of heating efficiency. Coal is highly combustible sedimentary rock and fossil fuel, but can be mined from the ground more locally than other fossil fuels. How Do Coal Boilers Work? Coal fired boilers are generally fitted outside given their large size, and most commonly work by pulverizing the coal;

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This change-over was originally initiated by the relative economics of the two fuels but was undoubtedly given further impetus by the introduction of the packaged compact boiler, which offered high efficiency, low price, and fully automatic operation and which occupied only about half the space of an equivalent coal-fired boiler. Coal-burning boilers were of necessity large as their furnaces were required to accommodate grates, and coal-

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Multifuel stoves with back boilers allow you to burn long lasting smokeless coal which can be banked up for long refuelling periods. Multifuel boiler stoves means you are in control of the fuel you burn, enjoy the longevity of coal, with the flame picture of wood.With a wide selection of fuel and stoves to choose from, consult one of our experts today or use our Stove Finder tool to find the

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BOILERS- SO PRACTICOAL Todays solid fuel boiler is a highly efficient appliance. Good looking, clean and easyto run. Gravity-feed boilers have a hopper which gradually releases the necessary LOOKING AFTER YOUR BOILER quantity of fuel onto the firebed. Because of this they usually only need re-fuelling once a day (even less in summer).

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Multiheat. Smokeless coal for open fires and multi-fuel stoves If youre looking for warmth, an attractive flame and sustained heat output, Multiheat is a popular and compact smokeless briquette specially made for open fires, multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and boilers.

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Burning smokeless coal and firewood together Burning smokeless coal and firewood together can be beneficial to your appliance. The extra heat from the solid fuel drives off any moisture in your logs, significantly reducing the build up of tar and rusting. A fire of both smokeless coal and firewood will also burn hotter for longer.

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What is boiler | Types of boiler | How does a steam boiler