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14/04/2021 · A building heating system had high energy consumption and did not meet the requirements of environmental protection, so it was needed to be reformed. After recalculating the heat load, it was found that the heat source, pipe network specification, and radiator area of the original heating system were oversized. After comparing with a gas-fired boiler, the heat source was transformed into the

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GreenVinci Biomass Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in energy, environmental protection, energy-saving technology development, product manufacturing and sales. It has successfully developed biomass pyrolysis gasifier and new multi-function.

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IDME Project Feasibility Study 2009 8 - The effluent water will be discharged to the sea after being treated in the waste water treatment unit to meet regulations. - Steam will be generated at the ELKEM plant utilizing the waste heat of the flue gas stream. - Boiler feed water will be treated in a de-mineralized water treatment unit and

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09/03/2021 · As the energy supply structure changes and energy conservation and environmental protection requirements become more stringent, small coal-fired industrial boilers will be phased out, and the energy-efficient and low-pollution industrial boilers that use clean fuels and clean combustion technologies will become a development trend.


The transformation project on energy saving of Yangguang Power Plant includes four sub-projects: The transformation project of frequency conversion of primary fan from No.1 boiler, Online Monitoring Equipment Project for coal powder pipe on No.4 boiler, the transformation project of steam seal for No.4 boiler and the software

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06/11/1996 · reduction requirements, and boiler/furnace geometry are con- of 1990 mandated that the Environmental Protection. Agency Nitrogen transformation during coal

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Fujian Longking Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise in environmental protection industry in China, as well as the largest manufacturer of air pollution protection equipment in the world with a total assets of more than 2.1 billion USD and over 6000

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With the development of industry and the application of steam, boilers appear in almost every industry. At the same time, due to the country's environmental protection requirements, coal-fired boilers have gradually withdrawn from the stage of boiler history, and natural gas boilers have become the most used steam generation equipment.

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09/05/2020 · Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group: Fujian has local requirements to protect to make way for development. China News Service, May 8 (Xinhua) According to the official Weibo news of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, according to the "Regulations of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspection Work", the Central Second Ecological Environmental Protection

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01/06/2017 · In the future, effect of high-humidity environment on the "blue smoke" will be the focus of attention in environmental protection. Because high humidity environment promote secondary transformation of SO 3 in flue gas to sulfate aerosols, adsorbing the sub-micron particles around the flue gas, and then increase the "blue smoke" problem. 3.1.3.