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BoileR installation: Other than special considerations for condensate removal and plume dispersal, the installation of liquid The condensate trap is provided with the boiler and situated on the front of the boiler (under the cleaning door). This should be checked

Step-by-step guide to boiler installation - British Gas

Boiler installation costs can be expensive and quotes can vary wildly, with a typical boiler installation costing anywhere between £3,000 and £5,000, so be sure to shop around. They depend on whether its a basic like-for-like switch to a newer model, or a complete system change, with Powerflushes and additional pipework. Make sure you get a fixed price quote upfront to avoid any nasty surprises.

Instructions for installation and operation

22 (Ill. 36) Prepare the right and left sides, choosing the number of side panels according to the boiler dimensions. 23(fig. 37) Join the panels by means of the screws 1, washers 2 and nuts 3, reinforcing them at the bottom with the metal plates 4 secured with the screws 5. ASSEMBLING THE CASING.

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1 Boiler 2 Visible air break 3 75 mm trap 4 Visible air break and trap not required if there is a trap with a minimum condensate seal of 75 mm incorporated into the boiler. In this case the 100 mm is measured to the trap in the boiler. 5 Sink, basin, bath or shower

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Step-by-step guide to boiler installation - British Gas

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The boiler anticipates the heat demand of the central heating system or the hot water facility. When an outside sensor is connected, the boiler works weather dependantly. This means that the boiler control measures the outside temperature and flow temperature. With this data the boiler calculates the optimal flow temperature for the installation.

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Step-by-step guide to boiler installation - British Gas

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• a faulty installation or faulty connections or faulty installation parts; • damage to the thermostat through overheating due to intensive use: - the ash box door is left open; - When ventilation convection fan installed and left on uncontrolled with high fires. • Failure to clean out ash!!