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Design process-Harbin Boiler Engineering Co., Ltd.-. Address: No. 1, the Eighth Avenue, Hanan, Core Area of Hanan Engineering New City, Harbin City

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1)introduced 135~150MW grade reheating CFB boiler The technical feature of the introduced 135~150MW grade CFB boiler is consistent with that of introduced 220t/h and 410t/h, which is of M-shaped layout, double separator, two double-line return valve, water cooled air distributor and major diameter bell-jar-shaped funnel cap. 135~150MW CFB boiler unit is with additional reheater system,


03/05/2017 · Harbin Boiler Co. The Harbin Boiler Co. (formerly Harbin Boiler Works) founded in 1954 is the largest utility boiler manufacturer in the country and is supplying steam generators

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Harbin Boiler Engineering Co., Ltd.-Harbin Boiler Engineering Co., Ltd.The company mainly produces power station boiler, industrial boiler, waste heat boiler, press

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