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Advice Note Gas Boilers and Flue Safety Revise un 2014 If youre unsure whether your home has concealed gas flues and you think you may be at risk: • Speak to the Gas Safe registered engineer who last serviced your boiler. They will be able to advise whether this applies to your property.

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02/12/2010 · Where a flue fault exists in combination with a boiler which is not operating correctly, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) [5] could be released into the living accommodation. CO is a

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Some use 100 ppm as the safety threshold for finding CO in the gas boiler exhaust flue. On a recent boiler repair job in Two Harbors MN an initial inspection by a heating technician condemned a heating boiler as unsafe because of elevated CO levels in the boiler's exhaust. He found 101 ppm in his measurement of CO in the flue and pointed to rust on the boiler bottom as the possible cause of the