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14/07/2019 · Find out if and by when you need to apply for a medium combustion plant directive (MCPD) environmental permit to meet air quality requirements.

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Direct heating and domestic hot water substations have no heat exchanger separating the primary flow from the secondary flow. Therefore, the supply from the network or the central oil/gas boiler will flow directly into the network in each flat. Direct heating substations are recommended for maximum PN10 or PN6 networks.

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The core element of many district heating systems is a heat-only boiler station. Additionally, a CHP is often added in parallel with the boilers. Both have in common that they are typically based on combustion of primary energy carriers.

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the pewoV-max V heat transfer station is the connecting link between the district or local heating pipeline and the building's heating system. if the heating system is converted from gas or heating oil to heat network supply, the pewoV- max basically replaces the gas or heating oil boiler. the building's heating system is separated from the heating network by a plate heat exchanger.

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27/10/2015 · exchange station with a heating area of 3.88 million m2; 2) construction of primordial and primary heating pipelines of 20.5km; 3) construction and reconstruction of 75 local heating stations and building heating stations; 4) reconstruction of two 70MW gas-fired boilers the existing site of ZDHCO; and 5) installation of heat meters for

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28/05/2009 · and heating station Functional SCADA system A ir Gas circuit for heating boiler 2 . VI. The utilized GUI is a de-facto standard for network-based, bit-mapped graphics and window