47052-002: Low-Carbon District Heating Project in Hohhot

The project will install a hybrid heating system using boilers powered by natural gas and wind. The first-of-its-kind system will reduce coal use to cut pollution and respiratory diseases, with about 30% of the city's population directly benefiting.

Initial Environmental Examination (Update)

Potential negative environmental impacts during operation phase include flue gas (flue gas of boilers and dust-laden flue gas), waste water, noise (mainly from pumps and fans) and solid waste (fly ash and coal slag). The flue gas is treated before emission and can meet


The project undertaken by our company is the flue gas desulphurization project of high temperature and pressure pulverized coal boilers of the chlor-alkali and thermal engineering of Yanhua Industrial Park in Yanhua, Wanhua. The project is located in the west of Lingang Industrial Park, Xigang District, Yantai Development Zone.

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04/09/2020 · Innovate the "3+4+5" green management and control model in autumn and winter to minimize the accumulation of pollution in autumn and winter and the impact on enterprise production and operation. Innovate the governance model of air pollution guidelines to provide support for precise management and control. Create a "Internet + grid" smart environmental protection platform, and

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A CNY 100 billion investment is envisaged by the China Nuclear Huadian Hebei Nuclear Power Co. CNNP has 51% of the project company, Huadian Power International 39% and Jinto Energy Investment 10%. Initial investment in the two-unit first stage is CNY 8.443 billion ($1.36 billion). In April 2014 the NEA approved the project and ordered site selection to begin, focused on Xiaoshan and Bianzhuang.

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4 gypsyum Flue gas SO 2 Clean gas cleaned flue gas / limestone CaCO 3 Flue gas with > 5000 mg SO 2 / N m 3 water steamf SO 2 ≤ 5% max. 400 mg/Nm 3 Objective: Capture of SO 2 of the flue gas construction of the FGD each boiler with flue gas dissipation in den cooling tower combining flue gas duct of e-filter over FGD to the cooling tower

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The project can remove 25 small boiler houses and improving an area of 3.75 million square meters of heating supply condition, finally to realize centralized heating supply capacity of 7 million m2. The total heating supply design capability of the heating source plant is 2 x 29MW and 3 x 70MW, 5 hot water boilers. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase of a 2x29MW

Initial Environmental Examination (Update)

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region China National Investment and Guaranty Corporations Green Financing Platform Project (Laoling 2x35t/h Micro-fine Coal AtomizationSteam Supply Subproject) Prepared by China National Investment and Guaranty Corporation for the Asian Development Bank. This initial environmental examinationis a document of the borrower. The views expressed herein do not


4.4 In terms of the application for development consent for the NHLPP, the principal development comprising the National Significant Infrastructure Project is the proposed ERF. This would consist of two process lines, each having a grate, furnace, boiler and a flue gas treatment plant, and a proposed capacity of 350,000 tpa. The total capacity

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Gas Utilization Project of Hebei Steel Chengde Branch: 1x260t/h high temperature high pressure coal. boiler+1x60MW extracting . condensing turbine generator. Design: 2011.10: 37: Reconstruction of 6# 75t/h Multifuel Boiler into Gas Boiler in . Liupanshui Steel of Shougang Group. Construction of 1x75t/h gas boiler, fans and air duct: EPC: 2012.6: 38