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In laymans terms, the oxygen in the air and the hydrogen and carbon in the fuel are oxidized (combined) in the combustion process and the result is heat and CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water vapor). In real-world conditions, two major byproducts are also produced: NOx and CO (carbon monoxide).

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27/10/2016 · Solid fuel boilers will be becoming a popular trend in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other underdeveloped countries. The use of a large number of solid fuel boiler will lead to serious environmental pollution, which must be strictly equipped with the corresponding dust removal equipment to ensure the environment protection.

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How to Reduce Dust in Your Home: 7 Solutions | Housewife

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According to China's latest boiler environmental protection standard GB13271-2014 "Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standards": from July 1, 2014, the emission value of pollutants in newly built oil-fired boilers is 30 mg/m3 for particulate matter, 200 mg/m3 for sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxidation The particulate matter is 250 mg/m3; the pollutant emission value of the newly built gas boiler is 20 mg/m3 particulate matter, 50 mg/m3 sulfur dioxide and 200 mg/m3 nitrogen oxide;

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CNMC type bag dust collector is a medium size offline gas tank dust sucking machine and mainly apply to the high dust concentration and large air volume application.And this type is used to clean dust from building materials production such as wooding, sanding, stone, cement, concrete, tile and glass.Adopt to the chambers cleaning .One of chambers is being cleaned while other chambers doing

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Industrial boiler soot prevention measures mainly from two aspects: (1) Improve the combustion mode of the boiler to completely burn the fuel in the boiler, especially to eliminate the hand furnace and adopt the mechanized combustion method such as chain furnace. (2) The correct choice of dust removal equipment. This article will introduce the