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BEPB Baiyin Environmental Protection Bureau BHTIP Baiyin Hi-tech Industrial Park BMG Baiyin municipal government economic diversification and transformation. The Project will be the first urban development pollution from the countless small coal-fired boilers

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10/11/2020 · Based on the surveys and investigations, the CP transformation processes of coal-fired power plants usually include main steps such as, raw material selection, coal handling system improvement, water system improvement, milling process improvement, power equipment improvement, smoke extraction system improvement, generator system improvement, control system improvement,

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08/10/2014 · Yan Zijiang, the director of the Lanzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the city's pollution is especially heavy in winter because of coal-fired heating systems.

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29/12/2018 · Increasingly strict environmental protection system makes companies feel at a loss. 29 Dec 2018. In the past two years, we have been unable to speed up the transformation of industrial coal fired boilers in terms of environmental protection to catch up with the speed of change in environmental policy. Basically, many boilers are undergoing a series of "build-rebuild -again", frequently changes in

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18/03/2021 · The coal-to-gas boiler projects completed by ZOZEN boiler, such as Jiangxi Copper Corporation, SinoPharm Yixin and Luanchuan County Thermal Energy Co., Ltd. etc., were all supported by energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, they fully matched the actual working conditions of users, realized environmental protection emissions, while reducing the operation cost.

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With a three-year programme focusing on the coal to gas switch, Lanzhou converted over 1900 coal boilers, reducing CO2 emissions and significantly cutting air pollution, which has resulted in a 40% decrease in respiratory related hospital admissions.