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The fuel for boiler type must be one of natural gas3, LPG (butane or propane), or oil (kerosene, gas oil or biodiesel). The calculation as yet cannot proceed for other fuels. 2. Obtain test data Retrieve the full-load efficiency and 30% part-load efficiency test results. Tests must have been undertaken using the same fuel as the fuel for boiler

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19/06/2020 · (1) Fuel consumption per hour of operating fuel steam boiler = hourly gas production of fuel steam boiler × (heat of fuel steam-heat of feed water) / low heating value of fuel × thermal efficiency of boiler (2) Fuel oil hot water boiler runs for 1 hour. Fuel consumption = weight of water (Kg) × specific heat capacity of water × temperature difference (temperature difference between inlet and outlet water)/heat value of fuel oil × boiler thermal efficiency

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22/02/2021 · 4 ton oil-fired boiler consumes 252kg per hour: 5 ton fuel oil boiler consumes 315kg per hour: 6t oil-fired boiler requires fuel consumption of 873kg per hour: 8-ton condensing oil-fired boiler consumes 504kg per hour: 10 ton quick-installed fuel gas boiler consumes 630kg oil per hour: 12-ton oil-fired boiler consumes 756kg oil per hour

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Formula for calculating oil consumption of diesel-fired steam boilers: fuel consumption per hour of oil fired steam boiler = 3600* thermal power / diesel calorific value / boiler efficiency. If it is burning diesel, the fuel consumption per hour is about 132kg. 1 ton diesel steam boiler produces 1 ton steam per hour, so the fuel consumption of a 1 ton diesel boiler is about 70 liters.

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10/05/2008 · Calculation is; oil = 10.27 kw hr per litre Your boiler is 'x'% efficient If todays price is 55p, then the 'x'% efficiency gives you 10.27 x 'x'% = kw per litre.


12/06/2020 · The fuel consumption has a fixed calculation formula: diesel boiler fuel consumption per hour = 3600 × thermal power ÷ heating value ÷ boiler efficiency. Normally, the thermal efficiency of a 1 ton oil-fired boiler is 0.7MW, its combustion calorific value is 42.42Mj/kg, and the efficiency of an oil-fired boiler is about 92%.