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By law landlords must carry out an annual gas safety check and provide tenants with a copy of the record of that check. New tenants should receive a copy before they move in and existing tenants should get a copy within 28 days of the annual check being done you don't have a current gas safety record you can report to HSE via form LGSR1.


You must ensure that a gas safety check is done every year on each gas appliance/flue. Before any new lease starts, you must make sure that these checks have been done within one year before the

Gas safety checks who needs them?

Getting your gas appliances safety checked - Gas Safe Register

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The heating season is almost upon us so the rush to get your heating equipment serviced is in full swing. Does your natural draft boiler have proof of an annual inspection? This article refers to boilers of the natural draft-style. The photo below shows an early 90's vintage model with capacity of 131,000 BTU/hr.

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Getting your gas appliances safety checked - Gas Safe Register

The Industrial Boiler Maintenance Checklist

1. Replace all parts affected by wear and tear, every year! Your annual maintenance kit should include all parts that need to be replaced, including gaskets to re-seal the combustion inspection covers that were removed to clean the fireside. 2. Inspect the fireside of the heat exchanger.

Getting your gas appliances safety checked - Gas Safe Register

age and reported EFs, and applicable laws and legislation on behalf of the boiler industry. This report considers only gas-fuelled boilers as the current fleet of boilers in the UK and London is largely fuelled by natural gas. 3.2 Compliance There is currently no UK legislation regarding emissions from domestic boilers. European Standards,

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During a gas safety check, a Gas Safe registered engineer will do a visual inspection of pipework and a tightness test to confirm there arent any gas leaks. Fires and explosions - Safe appliances burn gas in a controlled way, but a faulty appliance or pipework may leak gas which can then be ignited, causing a