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The Kane 457 is a high specification handheld flue gas analyser produced to accurately measure a range of flue gases. The 457 has been developed with several major boiler manufactures including Ideal, Ferroli and Vaillant qualifying the instrument as one of the most up to date on the market. The device is capable of carrying out comprehensive combustion analysis including CO, CO2 ratio levels and can also be

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Looking for gas testing equipment? Our specialised range includes flue gas analysing equipment from leading brands such as Kane, TPI, Testo and Anton. We also stock combustible gas detectors essential when detecting for gas leaks from top quality suppliers like Gascoseeker, Hayes, Testo and Anglo Nordic.

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Gas Boiler Diagram: the Basics Everyone Should Know | Gas

Gas Boiler Diagram: the Basics Everyone Should Know | Gas

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Where large consumers of natural gas such as industrial properties, schools, colleges or hospitals having 2 or more floors to which gas is supplied and the gas pipework is 50mm (2″) or more, there must be a gas line diagram located at the primary meter or emergency control valve. This shall indicate the position of all installation pipework with a diameter of 25mm (1″) and larger, meters, control valves emergency

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04/10/2016 · Schematics of a Typical Natural Gas FlowlineThis document contains a brief synopsis on the equipment I was introduced to during my industrial training experience at the natural gas plant station of Nigerian Gas Company Limited situated at Papalanto, Ogun State powering the Olorunsogo II Power Plant and a brief description of the plant in general using schematic diagrams and pictures.

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Flue gas analysers, probes and accessories from Anton, Kane, Testo & TPI. Flue Gas Analysers & Kits. Our range of anemometers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, measure airflow, volume and temperature and are commonly used to test the efficiency of ventilation systems. Anemometers & Airflow Meters. Accurate monitoring of ambient carbon monoxide is vital wherever a fuel burning