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• Don't block furnace room air vents. Gas appliances require air to burn fuel completely and operate efficiently. A yellowish flame can signal improper operation. • If the pilot flame on a gas appliance goes out, shut off the gas supply at the appliance's valve and allow time for accumulated gas to

5 Things To Know About For Cleaning Up Soot from the Furnace

24/05/2012 · Keep the area around the furnace free from old boxes, loose paper, clutter or debris. (We know its tempting, but your furnace room is not supposed to be a storage closet.) Be especially careful not to keep gasoline, cleaning products or other combustibles anywhere near the furnace. 4. If You Smell Gas, Evacuate Immediately

4 Potential Dangers of Using a Natural Gas Furnace

5 Things To Know About For Cleaning Up Soot from the Furnace

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4 Potential Dangers of Using a Natural Gas Furnace

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Cleaning up soot from the furnace requires an understanding of what caused the problem and how to handle the potentially hazardous materials released by your furnace. 1. Puff Back Cleanup. A puff back is a serious problem that you should treat as an emergency. It occurs when excess fuel builds up in the combustion chamber of a furnace.


Natural gas is the lowest cost fuel and the forced air furnace is the lowest cost central system. This remains true even with the recent increases in the price of natural gas as fuel oil and propane have seen higher increases and more price volatility.

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4 Potential Dangers of Using a Natural Gas Furnace

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13/12/2015 · But any appliance that uses natural gas causes it to become airborne in your home: dryers, fireplaces, hot water heaters, furnaces and space heaters. Think about a childs room being heated with gas, especially if that child already has asthma. Think about a woman cooking; (women have been found to be more susceptible to the harms of natural

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04/12/2020 · Vacuum Out the Burner and Blower Cavities Turn off the power switch again and shut off the gas by giving the valve one-quarter turn. Vacuum the furnace burners and the furnace base. To get at the back of the burners, tape a 20-in. length of 1/2-in. drain line to your vacuum hose.