Chapter 10: Boilers, Water Heaters and Pressure Vessels

Heating boiler expansion tanks are metal tanks of varying sizes that are installed to absorb the initial pressure increase that occurs when the heating boiler system warms up.

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A guide on open vented hot water cylinders. If any taps are opened in the house gravity will force the cold water into the bottom of the hot water tank for heating up and eventual use. The cold water supply tank is supplied by a mains pressure cold water feed that uses a ball valve to automatically keep the system topped-up.

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1. expansion tanks on heating systems absorb the pressure increase caused by heating water in a home heating boiler - for heating the occupied space - to avoid possible spillage at the relief valve 2. expansion tanks on hot water making systems such as a gas, oil or electric water heater (geyser, cylinder) used to produce hot water for bathing or washing is used on some systems to avoid occasional high pressure surges that can cause relief valve spillage 3. water pressure tanks installed

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11/02/2010 · Step 3: Drain the Tank. Turn off the boiler switch. Close the pipe valve that connects water flow from the water tank to the expansion tank. Sometimes there will be a hose attached to the expansion tank. If there is not one just attach a standard garden hose. You can also put a bucket under the drain. Open the valve on the tank to expel water.

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01/04/2021 · Expansion tanks are normally installed above the water heater on the cold water line before it enters the water heater; however, they can really be installed anywhere on the cold water line prior to entry into the water heater. Having an expansion tank helps prevent dripping faucets and running toilets by keeping the extra built-up pressure in the system from reaching the fixtures and prematurely

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04/07/2008 · Expansion Tank Placement and Installation in Hot Water Boiler System Hydronic Loop The pressure must be maintained in the hot water boiler system and hydronic loop. Maintained at appropriate pressure levels. Otherwise, expansion tank problems will occur.