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01/01/2021 · In a traditional oxy-fuel combustion system, the ASU and CO 2 CPU work under high pressure whereas the boiler works under low pressure, and thus the pressure differences in the system cause energy losses and decrease the net efficiency (Escudero et al., 2016). Providing elevated pressure to the whole system can significantly reduce the energy required for achieving CCUS.

Xi'an Heating (Yandong Heating Station) 65-ton Hot Water

With the opening of the heating curtain in Xi'an, EBICO burners' services in the loess area are being launched. Recently, Xi'an Heating Group has reached a cooperation with EBICO on the low-nitrogen transformation project for the burners of two units of 65-ton hot water boilers. EBICO installed EC15GR hot water boiler burners for it. In order to achieve Xian Heating nitrogen oxide emission target of less

Shanxi Fenjiu Group 35t/h Steam Boiler Burner Low Nitrogen

Recently, Shanxi Fenjiu Group has carried out environmental protection transformation of the production workshop, and carried out low-nitrogen transformation on nine 35-ton/h steam boilers. Fenjiu Group has cooperated with EBICO for many years, and the two parties once again joined hands in this steam boiler renovation project.

4T Steam Boiler Burner Low Nitrogen Renovation Project

Shanghai has implemented the low-nitrogen transformation policy strictly and strengthens the standardization of our food industry. I am very pleased to have been assisted by EBICO, so that we have solved the problem of controlling nitrogen oxide emissions. Meilin Zhengguanghe Co., Ltd. Interested in burners applied in the cases?

Shanxi XINGHUACUN FENJIU 75-ton Steam Boiler Burner Low

This time, XINGHUACUN FENJIU DISTILLERY needed to implement low-nitrogen transformation of the 75-ton steam boiler. EBICO successfully won the bid with its professional and sincere industry quality. After on-site inspection by technicians, EBICO was decided to equip a single steam boiler with 4 EC8GR (VIC) low-nitrogen burners. After the commissioning of the project, the measured emission of nitrogen

Xinhe Street Gas Boiler Low Nitrogen Combustion Renovation

After the boiler low-nitrogen transformation is completed, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter have been significantly reduced, and the emission reduction effect is very obvious." On January 13, Li, Director of Engineering Department of Beichen Phoenix Sea Shopping Park Jian gave a detailed introduction to the reporter about the changes before and after the boiler renovation.

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03/04/2020 · In recent years, the policy guidance of "coal to gas" and "low nitrogen transformation" has accelerated the clean transformation of the thermal industry. In 2017, EBICO cooperated with Taiyuan thermal power startup Co., Ltd. to provide EC17GR low nox burner with a power of 67500kw / h matching boiler with a power of 116MW.

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Overview. As part of its strategy to Rewire the Economy, the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has convened a series of ground-breaking discussions on fossil fuel subsidies.These discussions have involved business leaders, international organisations, national governments and key experts.