Outdoor unit 38HU18VSC 38HU24VSC 38HU36VSC 38HU36VTC Sound power level** dB(A) 65 69 70 70 Sound pressure level** dB(A) 57 61 64 64 Air flow m3/h 2100 2700 4150 4150 Weight kg 38.0/40.6 50/54.5 70.5/76.1 85.3/91 Dimension W x D x H mm 800 x 333 x 555 845 x 363 x 702 946 x 410 x 810 946 x 410 x 811 System retail price £ 1,013 1,397 2,218 2,385

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28/04/2016 · Detail. This notice cancels and replaces the August 2010 edition of Notice 701/19. 1. Overview 1.1 This notice. This notice explains how suppliers and users should treat supplies of

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Some boilers such as Baxi, Worcester, Vaillant and Ferroli have a built in timer or programmer. A common timer, programmer or clock to be fitted are Diehl, Grasslin, Drayton and Tower. It is important to take your time to find the right Clock, Programmer and Timer for your Gas Boiler.

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Any boiler regulations will emphasise that regular testing of any boiler control system, particularly with respect to the water level, is an important requirement. All testing should be carried out with the water in the visible region of the water level gauge. All testing should be carried out by a trained boiler attendant.

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28/07/2014 · For heating system boilers/ closed systems (i.e. non steam-raising) after the treatment of your boiler and you need regular boiler water analysis to ensure effective treatment our boiler water testing sample pack will help achieve this. Boiler protection is ensured by sufficient inhibitor levels usually sulphite or tannin. TDS levels give an idea of the efficiency the boiler is running at