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Why is Diesel cycle more thermally efficient than Otto cycle, for same

Why is Diesel cycle more thermally efficient than Otto

Relatively 2 stroke engine of same physical size with 4 stroke engine, produces higher amount of power than that by 4 stroke engine. But in term of thermal efficiency, 2 stroke engine are

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An initial appraisal of the engine thermal efficiency at full load capacity indicates a heat-to-power ratio of 1.56:1, representing a thermal efficiency of 39.1%, when calculated on the saturated lower calorific value of the fuel = 32.9 MJ/m 3 (≅ 39.1 MJ/m 3 dry gross saturated lower calorific value). When the engine is operating at part load, the gross thermal efficiency falls to approximately 28.9% at 22% load rating.

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Compression Ratio and Thermal Efficiency

25/01/2015 · IC (Internal Combustion) engines refer to both diesel and gas, what differs gas are called spark ignition engines and diesels are called compression ignition engines, they are both called IC engines, and you are right that diesels have a higher thermally efficiency. External combustion engines are like steam engines and Stirling engines. Diesels can burn fatty liquids like soybean oil, peanut oil, etc. while gas engines

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