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b = boiler water TDS concentration. m = make-up water TDS concentration. r = fractional condensate return. This ratio can be optimized by controlling the boiler make-up water (click in new page) quality and the reused boiler blowdown (click in new page) quality. Boiler water quality shall be set according to the boiler pressure and type of heater.

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How Much Antifreeze Should Be Mixed With Water?

How Much Antifreeze Should Be Mixed With Water?

04/08/2015 · The general recommendation by antifreeze manufacturers is to have a 50/50 antifreeze and water mix. Increasing the ratio of the antifreeze to water such as a 70/30 mix will lower the freezing point of the mix down to minus 72 degrees Fahrenheit, but it will also lessen its ability to cool the engine. A higher water to antifreeze ratio increases the ability of the mix to cool the engine, but the mix will not

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