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21/09/2004 · A double boiler is a kitchen tool that works on a principle very similar to that of a water bath (aka bain-marie): using water between the source of heat and the item being heated or cooked in order to moderate the level of heat being delivered. The heat delivered to the top pot will not exceed that of the boiling point of the water.

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Technique Thursdays: Why Double Boiling Is Good For Your

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18/08/2016 · The double-chamber technique is an elegant use of primitive technology, harnessing the boiling point of water to maintain a constant - and gentle - heat while constant convection within the water chamber eliminates hot spots.

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The theory behind a double boiler is that you want to heat something in the gentlest manner possible. Some foods are extremely sensitive to heat and standard heating methodstossing it in a saucepan directly on the burner, for instancewould produce adverse or unintended results. The double boiler produces the slow, indirect heat that these delicate foods require.