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05/04/2016 · 2 Ton Natural Gas Hot Water Boiler For Sale . A 2 ton natural gas fired hot water boiler provides efficient energy for the variety of needs, but it also is a major safety risk. When combining high temperatures and highly pressurized situations, boiler explosions and fires can take place easily. Boiler operators traditionally monitor the tank's temperature closely as a way to prevent catastrophe, and

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25/04/2017 · Is there ever a case whereby TWO hot water cylinders are fitted in a property? Thinking on the cheap and my own situation. A big, long house with the oil boiler at ground floor and the copper hot water cylinder directly above in the loft. Kitchen is immediately adjacent to the boiler at ground.

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The Russian customers purchased two sets of 1.4MW natural gas fired hot water heating boiler (WNS series) from our company, which can theoretically satisfy 40 thousand square heating. Because of the impact of greenhouse heating area will be affected by the regional climate, greenhouse building materials, in addition to heat loss caused by the multi span building heating system.


Boilers use a combination of radiation, convection, and conduction to convert heat energy into steam energy. Proper boiler operation depends on controlling many variables, includ- ing boiler feedwater quality, water flow and level in the boiler, furnace temperatures and pressures, burner efficiency, and air

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2 tons of hot water heating boiler can meet the heating area ranging from 12000 to 16000 square meters, the specific accounting can meet the heating area, according to the actual situation of the user project (building height, insulation measures, etc.) and the operation efficiency of the boiler.The actual situation of the user project cannot be changed, but we can choose the hot water boiler