Installer Guide: Condensate discharge pipe installation

installing boiler condensate discharge pipes Key 1 Boiler 2 Visible air break at plug hole alternative connection can be below sink trap 3 75 mm sink, basin, bath or shower waste trap 4 Sink, basin, bath or shower with integral overflow 5 Open end of condensate discharge pipe direct into gully 25 mm min below grating but


boiler. • The by-pass is required for systems designed to operate at flow rate higher than the maximum recom-mended flow rate of the boiler. • This piping method is not recommended for systems designed to operate with return water temperatures less than 140°F. (See recommend piping method for Low Temperature Heating Systems.) Model LB


Pipe position All underground pipework except for pipes laid under a building should be laid at a depth of no less than 750mm from the finished ground level and no more than 1,350mm. If this requirement cannot be made, then Anglian Water must be notified. The pipe must be bedded and covered in sand to protect it from being penetrated by sharp

Installation, Operating and Servicing Instructions

Connect a hose from the overflow pipe to a bucket and open the service valve to drain the water from the tank. Flush the tank with clean water, shut the valve and replace the front cover. Replace the drip tray and tank lid, ensuring the gasket is sealing the top of the tank correctly. Re-fit the outer lid and turn on the boiler.

truck boiler water pipe installation tutorial

Installation 5 Installation Note Apply heat insulation to the water pipes to the Danger! boiler outlet and to the installation. Risk of scalding and/or damage due to incorrect installation leading to escaping Preliminary work .

Installer Guide: Condensate discharge pipe installation

the property for terminating the boiler condensate pump to a foul water discharge point should be adopted such as an internal soil stack (preferred method), internal kitchen, utility room or bathroom waste pipe such as sink, basin, and bath or shower