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You can filter our boiler reviews by efficiency rating, but the reality is that there's not much disparity when it comes to modern condensing boilers most will be around 90% efficient. Replacing an old-fashioned non-condensing boiler with a modern condensing system can improve efficiency by as much as a third, and will save you a significant amount on your energy bills.

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What is the best combi boiler overall for value and

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What is the best combi boiler overall for value and

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A high-efficiency condensing boiler is a good choice if you're looking for a greener and more efficient boiler. This is because condensing boilers are able to make better use of the heat they generate from burning fuels, such as gas or oil. A condensing boiler requires

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Condensing vs Combi Boilers Explained | Boiler Guide

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This condensation can be as much as two litres an hour for a very efficient boiler and is drained into your waste water outlet by what is known as a condensate pipe. Because they are able to reuse energy that already exists, condensing combi boilers help to save money on your energy bills.

Condensing vs Combi Boilers Explained | Boiler Guide

25/09/2018 · Condensing boilers are fitted with 2 internal heat exchangers to ensure that less heat is lost. Thanks to this, the boiler doesnt have to work as hard and uses less energy. Compared to a non-condensing unit, condensing boilers use less fuel and power while producing fewer CO2 emissions.