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The flue is essentially the pipe that transports these gases out of the boiler. As the gases can be potentially harmful, its important that the flue is situated in such a way that the waste gases do not re-enter the property.

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02/10/2018 · Boiler flue regulations have been introduced to keep everyone in your home, as well as the neighbours, safe from potentially harmful gases expelled by your boiler. So, if the time has come for you to have a new boiler installed then the installation must meet boiler flue regulations.

Condensing Boiler Fumes - South Gloucestershire

heat exchanger within the boiler and used to preheat the return water. As a result the temperature of the gases leaving the flue of a condensing boiler is typically 50-60°C compared with 120-180°C in a current non-condensing boiler. At the same time an amount of water or condensate is produced. A condensing boiler will always have a

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What are the Boiler Flue Regulations? | Home Heating Guide

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26/04/2021 · Flue shapes, types and sizes. If youre looking to get a new boiler or are discussing one over the phone with a heating engineer, prior to a boiler installation, then theyll very likely want to know the shape and exit point of your existing flue. Fortunately, these questions are really easy to answer. Flue shape its going to be either a square or round flue.

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24/09/2018 · A boiler flue is a pipe or duct thats attached to gas boilers which allows waste gases produced during the heating process to safely leave the building. You might recognise them as those black or white ducts that stick out of buildings expelling gas.

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The flue cannot open onto a public walkway. This is because the gas that comes out of the flue is hot, so people who are walking on a footpath could get burned. If the flue exits through a ground floor wall, a grill or metal box is required to cover the flue. This prevents it from being damaged.