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----- The costs of constructing and operating a Double Alkali System as they are for any flue gas desulfuriza- tion system are quite variable depending primarily on:! coal properties and boiler characteristics i whether the system is constructed along with a new' boiler or retrofitted to an existing power plant I space availability ! specific plant requirements such as

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14/04/2020 · Common wet flue gas desulfurization technologies include lime gypsum wet process, magnesium oxide process, double alkali process, ammonia process, seawater process, etc. Lime gypsum wet process. Lime is selected as desulfurized, which is cheap. It is broken into powder and mixed with water to make absorption slurry.

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General Motors chose Double Alkali Scrubbing on the basis of four criteria: • high potential reliability of process and equipment • simplicity permitting freedom of powerhouse operation • byproduct readily disposed • economics competitive with other options Using data from its two-year pilot plant develop- ment program, General Motors designed and con- structed a complete industrial-scale demonstration

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This technique is characterized by the low operation cost and small investment. The process principle is that the circulation pump transmits the sodium alkali into the desulphurization tower, and then the desulphurized slurry in the tower reacts with the flue gas and next the purified flue gas

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25/04/2020 · The technological process of double alkali flue gas desulfurization system is that the flue gas flows upward after entering the scrubbing tower, countercurrent and fully contacts with the spray liquid, and the SO2 gas in the flue gas is absorbed by the scrubbing liquid. The treated flue gas is

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The dry processing equipment is huge and the investment is large; the economical and practical angles are more commonly used in the wet packed absorption tower, the plate type absorption tower, the cyclone absorption tower, etc. At present, the treatment of such exhaust gas is usually carried out by an alkali absorption method or a double alkali method.