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YGL Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler YGL series wood/coal thermal oil boiler, is a special type boiler working at low pressure then reach high temperature heating demand up to 150°C-380 °C. YGL series thermal oil boiler can be used widely for various situation, easy to tranfer and into use quickly.

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21/04/2021 · 1. Product Description. YGL low pressure single drum vertical structure fix grate manual operation coal thermal oil boilers/ heaters.Powered by circulation pumps, heating as medium, organic heat transfer oil flow out from boiler into equipments which need heat energy, transferring heat energy, and then flow back to boiler proper.

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YGL Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boilers use coal as fuel, the thermal oil is heated in the tube. Using the circulating pump to force the liquid thermal oil circulation,and then transporting the heat to the thermal equipment. At last, the oil return back the thermal oil heater. All heaters are assembly structure which is easy for installation

YGL Series Coal/Biomass Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler

Coal or biomass fuel thermal oil boiler is a new type of heating equipment, with coal, oil, gas, biomass as fuel and flue gas as heat source, heat conduction oil (such as L - QB, L - QC, L - QD, etc.) as the heat carrier, through the circulating pump to force heat transfer medium to circulate in liquid phrase, and transfer heat to heat user equipment, then return to the heating furnace for re

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4.12 Boiler interlock control 22 6 Commissioning 40 4.13 Draining tap 22 6.1 Gas supply installation 40 4.14 Air release points 23 6.2 Electrical installation 40 4.15 Mains water feed: central heating 23 6.3 Initial filling of the system 40 4.16 Permissible methods of filling 23 6.4 Setting the heating system 40

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12/08/2014 · Installation of energy saving materials; and grant funded heating system measures and qualifying security goods 5% Energy-saving materials and heating equipment (VAT Notice 708/6)

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A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression, adsorption refrigeration, or absorption refrigeration cycles. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment, or another process stream (such as air or process water). As a necessary by-product, refrigeration creates waste heat that must be exhausted to ambience, or for greater

YGL Series Biomass Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

Durable Coil Heater: YGL series adopting high quality corrugated coil to carry the heat conduction oil, increase the heat transfer area, reasonable gap between coil tubes to fit the hot expansion and cold contraction . Average coil tubes working life more than 17years.

YGL-700F 700KW Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boilers

Thermal oil boilers, a special oil-based thermal fluid are used as the heat carrier instead of water or steam. This thermal fluid-also called heat transfer fluid operates at atmospheric pressure all the way up to 300℃. Thermal oil offers the user high temperature at very low pressures. Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Working Flow

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The purpose of a heat exchanger is to transfer heat from one fluid to another, hence the name. In the case of a boiler, this means transferring heat from gas to the water that will be circulating around your home to the radiators and hot water tank.